T he Araucana comes from South America and are named after the Araucano tribe of Native South Americans. There are records of blue egg laying chickens in South America going back to the 1520’s. They first appeared in Europe at the World Poultry Congress …

– eggs per year. This unique looking breed of chicken is a great backyard  People love to breed animals with extreme characteristics, but what does this mean for chickens? Take a gander at some truly freaky chicken breeds. Araucana For Sale | Chickens | Breed Information · Arauncana chickens originate from South America and are named after the Arauca Indians of Chile. They were  Feb 2, 2017 - Photos and breed information for Rumpless Araucana Chickens, Araucana For Sale | Chickens | Breed Information. Arauncana chickens originate from South America and are named after the Arauca Indians of Chile. The Araucana is a breed of domestic chicken from Chile.

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Araucana chickens from Awesome Araucana Chicken Hatchery 2011-09-03 Araucana chickens are defined by their ability to lay blue eggs - a rarity in the chicken world - and their distinct physical features. They can sport face tufts that resemble a dandy gentleman’s moustache and, in some rare strains, a rumpless body. There is a European strain of Araucana chicken that displays a beard, muff and tail feathers 2020-02-03 2019-10-06 2020-11-17 2017-08-08 Rumpless Araucana lay blue-shelled eggs, one of very few breeds that do so. They are prolific layers and are usually in lay by 20 – 24 weeks of age and will often lay throughout the winter months. A Rumpless Araucana hen will lay around 180 blue/green eggs in a season.

Igår kläcktes två stycken Engelsk Araucana-kycklingar. Ett kännetecken är att de har "skägg" :)Yesterday two English Araucana chickens 

Organic eggs and fried egg from Easter egger chicken Print. Elisabeth Coelfen Arrow Down. $22.

Araucana chicken

The Araucana is the breed responsible for the blue egg craze, and unfortunately, many chicken enthusiasts confuse this quirky chicken with the Ameraucana and the Easter Egger. Buy Araucana Chicken Online at Riyadhhalal Chicken

Araucana chicken

The breed, in general, isn't known for extra large eggs. They have the most adorable  Araucana hens are great layers, typically laying around 200-230 blue – that's right, blue! – eggs per year.

Araucana chicken

The near to 100% lethal factor of breeding only tufted birds that are Homozygous for their ear tufts trait has been known since the 1950's.
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Media in category "Araucana chicken" The following 25 files are in this category, out of 25 total. Mar 21, 2016 The theory is that the Araucana might be a hybrid of European chickens and whatever chickens existed before European contact.

This is what “rumpless” means. They have saddle feathers that grow down over their backs instead. Because Araucanas have no tails, their spines are actually shortened, relative to other chickens.
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Though true Araucanas are quite rare due to the difficulties in breeding them, Ameraucanas are more plentiful, especially in the United States. However, some  

Araucana chickens are rumpless with ear tuft at both sides of their head. In the world of chickens, All non-purebred and hybrid layers producing blue-green eggs are collectively called Easter Eggers. Araucana is a pure-breed but people commonly mistake the Ameraucana and other blue egg layers for Araucana chicken.